Sandles biodiversity plantings

Thursday 24th November

Plan of plantings area

Area of new plantings


If you would like to help, please email

The task

To create two areas of biodiverse plantings by the new parking area at Sandles near Thrupp Lake.  See plan above.

Hedgerow. Between parking area and main track. Length, c.40m.

Tree/shrub area.  Between the parking area and the scrub bordering the hard tennis court. c.12x10m.

All species will be native, selected for biodiversity

Plants, guards, etc

Hedgerow.  About 275 whips to be planted in two staggered rows, with 30cm spacing. 9 different species The ground has been broken up in advance. When the hedgerow has become established it will be laid.

Tree/shrub area. About 150 whips to be planted randomly but with average spacing of 1m. 10 different species. The ground should be soft enough.

Both areas. Each whip to be secured by a Tubex guard (to be recycled later) and stake. Mycorrhiza Rootgrow to encourage growth, but no compost. Mulch to be added later


If you are volunteering, please be there by 10.00am for a briefing.  Should be finished by 3.00pm. If insufficient time will finish off on 1 December


Current (20 Nov) forecast is cool and breezy with showers. Will go ahead unless forecast becomes significantly worse – in which case will notify the day before.


There will be wheelbarrows, spades and mattocks.  By all means bring your own too (and gloves). Mallets for hammering in stakes would be welcome.


There will be juice, cake, cereal bars etc. If you want something more substantial, please bring your own.

There may be about 15 from various overlapping local groups. But the more the better. Not too late to sign up. There will be plenty to do