Parking area and information hub by Thrupp Lake

Map showing location of Parking Area

Work will be carried out in May to create a parking area near Thrupp Lake.  Alongside will be an information hub about the Lakes area

The parking area will have spaces for 9 cars and racks for 12 bikes,  three of the car spaces being for drivers with disabilities. It should remove the need for the current informal parking near the foot of Thrupp Lane, enhance the safety of all, and improve access for cyclists and disabled people in particular.   

The information hub will be between the parking area and the Lake.  There will be an interpretation board about the Lakes area as a whole, showing where you can walk and what you can see;  a notice board made from recycled wood; a holder for leaflets about the Lakes; and two benches with fine views of the Lake.

In the autumn a double hedgerow of biodiverse-rich native species will be planted round the parking area, with some additional plantings by the hub.   This will be carried out by local volunteers.  

This is one of the Radley Lakes Trust’s first projects to deliver the Masterplan for the Lakes area.  We are very grateful to all who are helping and in particular to Radley Parish Council for grant support and to H. Tuckwell and Sons Ltd for groundworks and surfacing. 

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