Tree felling at Radley Lakes on 28 January

As one of its first projects The Radley Lakes Trust is working with Tuckwells to create a small parking area where the NCN5 cycletrack leaves Thrupp Lane. It will include spaces for the disabled and bike racks.

As a first step we will be felling the line of leylandii1 inside the fence line.  This is being done now in the winter so that there is no impact on nesting birds.

After the parking area has been created we will plant, with the help of volunteers, a new hedgerow consisting of a double row of native species.  This will be on the Lake side of the parking area and more than compensate for the loss of the leylandii.

The work will be carried out in accord with a planning permission from the Vale of White Horse District Council and an ecological assessment which we commissioned.

Email for more information.

Richard Dudding
Trust Secretary

A non-native species primarily planted for its fast growing attributes which are beneficial for physical screening, rather than its biodiversity value.

Car park map